The Mobile Runway System
“Runway independent automatic launch and landing system”
is a revolutionary concept for drones, currently being developed in Hamburg. The new technology will allow flexible operations of fixed-wing unmanned air vehicles independent from conventional runway infrastructure and in xSTOL (extra short take off & landing) scenarios. REALISE’s goal is to provide a mobile runway system that can be set up for automated operations by 2 people within 1-2 hrs., almost no matter where.

REALISE technology development is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF.


Innovate entire segments of operation with REALISE:

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Keep communities safe from wild fires.

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Keep the seas clean and controlled.

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Connect any place to air cargo for less cost.

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Empower low cost offshore wind energy

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The Benefits

Fixed Wing Independence

of inflexible ground infrastructure


Install xSTOL rail launch & landing systems anywhere, from large urban rooftops to countryside forest clearings or offshore platforms.


Set up and move your fixed wing operations when you want, where you want


Most cost and energy efficient UAV platform today, beating any VTOL technology


Expand your UAV’s range, endurance and payload – thanks to improvements in weight and aerodynamics


Whether your aircraft is heavy or light - our system can be adapted to a wide range of fixed-wing UAVs


Minimizes noise pollution due to assisted electric launch and landing


Fly even when winds would keep conventional fixed wing UAVs on the ground

Fixed Wing Independence



in the REALISE Project

The REALISE consortium includes innovative and dynamic companies and research institutes as well as renowned companies and institutions such as Airbus, DLR and TÜV, centered in the Hamburg region, one of the world’s leading sites for technologies in aviation:

Hamburg Aviation
Hamburg Aviation
Project Coordinator
Hanseatic Aviation Solutions
Nordwig Werkzeugbau
RWTH Aachen
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
ZAL - Hamburg’s Center of Applied Aeronautical Research

REALISE Partners



the REALISE Team

Hamburg Aviation e.V.

Wexstraße 7, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

Jan Binnebesel

+49 40 429 043 40

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